Monday, March 19, 2007

Range Testing

Friday Hank and I went to Ala Moana Beach Park to test our range at lunch time. He set up all the receiving gear and I got the transmitter ready. I started marching off but very quickly we realized we were not getting the performance we needed. We had a solid signal to 300 feet and then the signal got snowy to 500 feet when it was lost all together. The rocket is expected to go to 2000 feet or more! Very disappointing. We tried a few other variations but it didn't seem to matter. The transmitter was just too week. We would need more power to do the expected altitude, but the launch was in a week. This flight will have to go as planned.

I informed Jesse of the results and he wasn't too bothered. I delivered the payload and all the parts he had lent me back to him on Saturday night. I also learned Jesse was expecting the shipment of parts (especially fins) on Monday. He also had not yet secured the I-engine needed for the flight.

T minus 6 days and counting!

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