Monday, March 19, 2007

Launch Day

Got a call from Jesse the night before and the shipment still hasn't come in. The rocket will not fly until maybe May.

Secretly, I am somewhat relieved. That will give Hank and I time to build a more powerful transmitter. Hank showed me a 1 watt transmitter he dug up out of an old closet. We are going to convert it to rocket duty!

I went to the event anyway and it was great fun. The whole school came out to watch and Jesse sent up probably 20 rockets to my 3. He even flew an F powered one capable of supersonic flight, and a big G-engined one. KITV even came out and did a story on it!

This whole thing has gotten me interested in High Power Rocketry. I would like to get more involved and qualified for the big ones.

Back to the drawing board for now.


Rich "Rocket" Fewell

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