Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Final Test

Today we did a lot of testing. We got to borrow two yagi antennas from Hank (kh6hak) and Chuck(nh7xl). We found a stretch of road along the way to Haleiwa that goes a mile, so we tested there. We set up a transmitting station at N 21º 33.862 W 158º 04.423. The manual we looked at said that with 2 yagi directional antennas we should be able to have a good signal for 8 miles. So I got all set up and we started to test. The first test was at point blank range, the signal quality for that test was video:10 audio:10. Then my dad drove away 1\10 of a mile, and the quality there was video:6, audio:9. Then he drove to 3\10 of a mile , and the signal quality there was video:3, audio:7. Then my dad tried to recalibrate the receiver. Afterwards,we could only receive video. So we did another round of testing.

The first test was at point blank range and the video quality was 10. Then we went to 150 feet, and the video quality was 8. Then we tested at 350 feet away, and the video quality there was a 7. Then we went to 375 feet apart and the quality there was 6. Then we went to 440 feet and the signal quality was 3. After that its was uncopyable.

I think we had difficulty because of our very low power, and cheap receiver.

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