Saturday, December 02, 2006

Putting It All Together

Today a lot was done. First we got a plastic container for a project box. Then we determined all the items we needed and went back and gathered all of the stuff needed (foam,a metal strip,lock,slip conectors,screws, nuts,bolts,spliter,wire,and wire connectors). First we measured and cut the piece of foam, and placed it in the project box. With the foam in the box it cushions all the components. Then we made our own dipole antenna out of some wire and spare plastic. We used a formula out of my ham radio tech manual to determine how long it should be. Then we added handles and a lock.

Next we worked on the power switch that will run the camera and the transmitter. We got it wired in for just the transmitter for now, but we are trying to figure out how to attach 2 batteries so they run both transmitter and camera from one power source.

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Sandy Fewell said...

Wow-sounds complicated, but sounds like you're figuring it all out, and should result in a great science project! So proud of you! Nana