Monday, October 23, 2006

Started Blog

Today my dad and I made my Literature Review and put all my sources of information.
Literature Review

“An Introduction to Amateur Television” QST 1993, part 1 April, pp.19-23, part 2 May, pp. 43-47, part 3 June, pp. 35-41

ARRL, The ARRL Handbook For Radio Communications, Newington, CT, ARRL The National Association For Amateur Radio, 2006, pp. 9.38-9.43

PC Electronics, “ATV, Where To Start”, July 2003,

Giandomenico, Don (N6YIY), “Wireless Video For Remote Control Aircraft”,

Shimabukuro, Rodney, Interview With KITV Chief Engineer, Nov. 2006 (pending)

Kahl, Henry, Interview With KH6HAK, Nov.2006 (pending)


Rich said...

Great start to our first blog Bry. Remember to journal after every step and activity. Enjoy the process, and it will show in the end.

Sandy Fewell said...

Looks real professional, Bry---keep up the good work. Nana

Em said...

great job Bry!!! looks super - I'm very proud of you. keep on journal-ing. :)

Hank, KH6HAK said...

Great project, Bry! I'm having flashbacks to when I was your age, building walkie-talkies. I see you want to interview me. Let your Dad know when, and we'll arrange it, no problem!